October 18, 2009

Quotes relating to the Evolution of Painting. (take a gander)

From the MCA in Chicago show Constellations: Paintings from the MCA collection (runs July-Oct 2009)
-A painting is not simply pictoral- it is an object, an experience, both optically and tangibly.

Kurt Schwitters, Dada artist and collage master. In 1918, when introduced to Raoul Hausmann said:
-I am a painter and I nail my pictures together.

Jean Dubuffet, painter and sculptor known for looking at work by both the mentally ill and children. ~1940s
-Remember, that there is only one way to paint well, while there are a thousand ways to paint badly: they are what I'm curious about; it's from them that I expect something new, that I hope for revelations.

Jean Fautrier, part of Art Informel movement in France ~1950's.
-No art form can produce emotion if it does not mix in a part of reality.