November 29, 2010

Kimberly Trowbridge

When perusing through The Painting Center (in NY) website, I stumbled upon the work of Kimberly Trowbridge.  I found a great affinity with her work and really appreciate the way she is utilizing color and experimenting with formal concerns by way of the figure and some very curious scenes.  So inspiring!

November 13, 2010


Kevin and I were bored in Asheville and decided to write this Haiku in a cafe.  We took turns with each word and initially had a more rigorous format but then switched to just looking at syllables.  I am aware of my misspelling of Moratorium in the first one.  Kevin told me the correct spelling which made me wary of using it (sorry Kev).  This may be a good time to mention his blog: Mishaps & Misspellings, which we are ALL capable of making.

Haiku #1
Clear zuchini breathes
Relentless fancy stardust

Jet-Black baby. Boom.
Latex/ aluminum/ cork
Everything dies.  


So, I am not really much of a "sketcher," I tend to write ideas and perhaps "doodle," but have never been one to constantly draw what I see.  Recently I tried using some EXCELLENT pastels handmade by Josh Zerangue, and discovered I was doing more painting then drawing.  I then decided to "sketch" a copy of a Bonnard painting with oil pastels.  I was able to paint with the pastels and invest more time in the color and shapes rather than a linear extraction.  I'm hoping to do more of these sketch-paintings in my free time.

Self Portait on Bristol using Joshua Zerangue Pastels 11x14

Copy of Breakfast by Bonnard.  Oil pastel on Bristol 11x14

November 9, 2010


We saw Sufjan Stevens in Asheville this weekend.  I'd always liked his music but felt like I got a lot more insight into his creative process and internal struggles after hearing him speak.  He's begun using sounds and even dance as a way to get more in touch with what he's feeling.  He also felt the new album was a response to the life and work of outsider artist Prophet Royal Robertson. One of Robertson's work below:

All I can say is- these dance moves are unparalleled.
Videography by Kevin Archie

Halloween Recap

I was a slinky for Halloween. 
It was not quite the success I anticipated. 

People thought I was:
A. Lady Gaga
B. A Corkscrew
C. Someone playing Lady Gaga in an episode of Glee

In addition to the misconceptions, the costume was rather cumbersome and fell apart within an hour and a half.  Wearing all black and a ponytail I then became Audrey Hepburn's character Jo Stockton in "Funny Face," or as Kevin would put it, simply "a jazz enthusiast." 

People then thought I was:
A. A secret agent
B. Night
C. A mime.

Failure? Well, maybe next Halloween?

November 3, 2010

Studio Work

This is where the painting of Kevin is at currently.  The color vibrations are more present and the "life" is starting to get more embodied in it.  Almost there I think?

Still working on this one of Jaime. 
Trying to troubleshoot through some ideas to discover what the work is really about and why it's worthwhile (/is it worthwhile?).  Also, I need people to sit for me.  If you'd like to volunteer for the sake of art please let me know!